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Landon joined C-Power as a Senior Research and Development Electrical Engineer in 2022 and is now the Lead Systems Engineer and Principal Investigator of the Aloha SeaRAY autonomous offshore power system. His primary responsibilities at C-Power include electric plant design, system integration of the electric plant, interfacing deployable assets with power and data connectivity, and installation, operation, and maintenance (IO&M) of the SeaRAY class of devices. Prior to C-Power, Landon earned his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at North Carolina State University, where he developed facilitating technologies, specifically new circuit protection systems, for renewable ocean energy harvesting. While completing graduate studies, he started a wave-powered disaster relief desalination company, Water Bros, in response to the Department of Energy Waves to Water Prize. As a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine electrician veteran, Landon has extensive experience operating and maintaining complex electrical and mechanical systems in the challenging ocean environment.

Landon Mackey



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