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Advocacy Day

When is Advocacy Day?

Wednesday, March 13, 2024
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Capitol Hill Member Offices

What is Advocacy Day?

Advocacy Day provides an important opportunity for industry members to participate in face-to-face meetings with legislators and their staff on Capitol Hill. Building relationships with Congressional offices and sharing your experiences in hydropower, pumped storage, and marine energy helps to raise water power’s profile and advance policies that will allow our industry to flourish.

A survey conducted by the Congressional Management Foundation found that “direct constituent interactions have more influence on lawmakers’ decisions than other advocacy strategies,” and that “Congress places a high value on groups and citizens who have built relationships with the legislator and staff.”

By participating in Advocacy Day, you will be able to meet with between 3 to 5 offices to further your relationship with Members of Congress and educate them on your organization’s priorities.

Why Participate?

Meeting with Members of Congress and their staff is a worthwhile experience and is not nearly as intimidating or difficult as one may think. 

Elected officials are chosen to represent the interests and concerns of their constituents, and they are motivated by the work constituents carry out within the state and/or district. Meeting with constituents allows lawmakers to better understand the diverse needs and perspectives within their communities, enabling them to make more informed decisions that align with the wishes of the people they serve. By sharing personal stories and experiences, constituents provide lawmakers with real-world insights into the impact of policies on individuals and communities, which can significantly influence legislators’ perspectives and contribute to more thoughtful decision-making. The bottom line – legislators and their staff value hearing from those they represent! 

To make things easy, NHA will equip you with talking points in advance of your meetings, as well as materials to leave behind at offices. We will also offer a “Advocacy 101” panel the day before, to ensure that you feel comfortable delivering the message and to answer any outstanding questions or concerns you may have prior to attending meetings at the Capitol.

What Do Attendees Need to Do?

When you register for Waterpower Week, simply check the box to let us know you want to participate in Advocacy Day. We will make appointments for you and keep you updated as your schedule is confirmed.

What Can Attendees Expect?

When you register to attend Waterpower Week, you’ll indicate that you want to participate in Advocacy Day.

Based on the address you provide upon registration; we will match you with your appropriate Representatives and Senators and make appointments with those offices for you and other attendees from your region. 

You will receive an email with instructions on how to download an app that will show your prepared schedule and the details of each meeting, including:

  • Congressional office name
  • Time of meeting
  • Location of meeting
  • Who you are meeting with and biography
  • Other Waterpower Week attendees who will be in the meeting with you (i.e., industry colleagues who are from your same district, state, or region)
  • Contact information for scheduling support

Questions or Concerns?

Email Brittney May, NHA’s Legislative Affairs manager.


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