Role: Emcee, Moderator

Joseph LoSasso joined the National Hydropower Association in June of 2022 and he uses a relationship-driven approach to engaging with the industry. He is also NHA’s "DEI" and “NexGen" Lead where he serves to connect the various parts of the industry invested in workforce development together. Previously, Joseph owned an association management and consulting practice called UpSign, which he started in 2015. In this capacity he worked to improve operational effectiveness, member engagement and strategic planning for multiple organizations in a variety of industries, including Healthcare, Professional Services, Historical Societies, and Trades. He has served in roles such as Member Experience Director, Director of Operations & Engagement, and Executive Director in his 15+ years of nonprofit experience. He holds a BA in Film from Columbia College Chicago and an MA in Sociology from the University of South Florida, which informs his worldview: shaping spaces and places in unique and unusual ways to create positive outcomes. He taught courses for 10 years at the collegiate level, including Social Problems, Marriage & Family, among others; and he still uses co-construction that informed his teaching philosophy in his work at the National Hydropower Association when collaborating with the industry and his teammates.

Joseph LoSasso



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