Water Power Innovation Showcase: Conventional Hydro and Marine Energy

Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Room Number: Senate
Day: 3/13/2024

Technology developers focused on finding ways to harness the power of waves, tides, rivers, and conduits make short presentations about recent device deployments, project developments, and ongoing research.

This fast-paced session provides a great overview of innovations in both marine energy and conventional hydro sectors of the water power industry.


Tom Cuthbert
Tom CuthbertChief Technology OfficerEmrgy, Inc.Emcee
Marcus Lehmann
Marcus LehmannCEOCalWave Power Technologies Inc.Speaker
Michael LEE
Michael LEEPresidentCyTroniQ Co., Ltd.Speaker
Walter Schurtenberger
Walter SchurtenbergerCEO/Lead Designer (Hydro Gen. & Communications)Hydrokinetic Energy Corp.Speaker
David Duquette
David DuquetteChief Executive Officer (CEO)Littoral Power Systems Inc.Speaker
Boualem (Bo) Hadjerioua
Boualem (Bo) HadjeriouaDirector of Integrated Water Resource ManagementMesa Associates, Inc.Speaker
Gia Schneider
Gia SchneiderCo-Founder and CEONatel Energy, Inc.Speaker
Tim Mundon
Tim MundonChief Technology OfficerOscilla Power, Inc.Speaker


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