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Pumped Storage Revenue Recovery: Debating and Discussing Options and Opportunities

Time: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Room Number: South American
Day: 3/14/2024

Across the world, 52 of the 56 new pumped-storage projects are receiving government financial assistance, which reveals two insights:
1) there’s a need for pumped storage around the world
2) there is a significant absence of private revenue streams to fund these projects

Here in the U.S., that same need for revenue recovery is significant. As an industry, we need to discuss/debate various revenue recovery models and come to consensus about a model that best fits pumped storage development.

This unique session features two parts:
In Part 1, individuals will advocate for specific business models for revenue recovery:
• Getting pumped storage in a utility’s rate base
• Getting paid for ancillary services
• Getting a loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (LPO)
• Receiving government assistance because it’s a societal benefit

In Part 2, the session moderator will lead a group discussion about which of the business models advocated in Part 1 seem most feasible in the U.S., given economics and political situations, and will lead to successful financial closure for new pumped storage.


Todd Briggeman
Todd BriggemanProject Manager, Hydropower and Hydraulic StructuresBlack & VeatchModerator
Paul Jacob
Paul JacobChief Executive OfficerRye DevelopmentSpeaker
Chuck Kahler
Chuck KahlerVice President, Hydropower Sector LeadStantecSpeaker
Luigi Resta
Luigi RestaPresidentrPlus HydroSpeaker


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