Outreach and Advocacy: Making Hydro’s Voice Heard

Just because we are in a virtual world doesn’t mean we can’t raise waterpower’s value to the attention of Congress and ensure our policy messages are heard within the Beltway!

This spring, NHA is providing a special advocacy service to all companies in the waterpower industry to “make your voice heard”.

We will help you introduce your company/organization to your House and Senate delegations. The service involves arranging and facilitating virtual meetings for specific companies/organizations with their Congressional representatives (members of Congress and their staff).

These virtual meetings are being planned for either the weeks of April 19 and May 3 – which are the week before or the week after NHA’s Waterpower Week event.

NHA’s complimentary service includes:

  1. Provide a 1-hour complimentary webinar about how to ‘make your voice heard’ to Congress (Tuesday, April 13, at 2 p.m. eastern)
  2. Set up a meeting for you/your team to meet with your Congressional reps
  3. Train you/your team how to advocate – through a 1-hour webinar on advocating policy before the 117th Congress
  4. Hand-hold you/your team – an NHA staff member attends the meeting with you and leads you through the process

Why does this matter? Why do we need you?

We as an industry need to raise the profile of waterpower among the new 117th Congress. As someone that works in the industry, you/your team is in the best position to talk to Congressional representatives about the direct impact of federal action at the local level. It’s important your elected representatives hear from you on waterpower policy priorities.

Does meeting virtually really work?

Yes! NHA is in touch with many Congressional offices on a regular basis. They are ALL meeting with constituents virtually. This is “business as usual” now in the Senate and the House.

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