“Raise Waterpower’s Voice” Advocacy & Capitol Hill Visit Program

"Raise Waterpower's Voice" Advocacy & Capitol Hill Visit Program "Raise Waterpower's Voice" Advocacy & Capitol Hill Visit Program - Waterpower Week 20202020 “Raise Waterpower’s Voice” Advocacy and Capitol Hill Visit Program

This year, the National Hydropower Association and member leaders are seeking to accelerate a shift in national energy policy to reflect that waterpower, in all its forms, is an essential part of a reliable, clean energy grid and deserves a level playing field under federal and state laws, and to be fully valued in the marketplace. Advocacy is key to driving real conversations about hydropower’s value and policy priorities with our federal lawmakers.

Our industry is long past ready for improvements to the licensing process and in tax incentives that have benefited other energy sectors.  With much at stake, we need to bring these and other issues such as appropriations funding for conventional, pumped storage and marine energy technologies, to the forefront of Congress’ energy agenda.  There is no better voice than constituents to raise these issues before their federally-elected House or Senate Member of Congress.

We are calling upon as many participants of the 2020 Waterpower Week in Washington Conference as possible to play a role in raising the industry’s voice before Congress. Toward that end, we urge everyone’s involvement in this year’s “Raising Waterpower’s Voice” Advocacy and Capitol Hill Visit program occurring during Waterpower Week in Washington, D.C. May 19 – 21, 2020.

This year’s program will be coordinated by Rebecca K. Blood, RKB Strategies, LLC.  Rebecca is a long-time waterpower policy and advocacy professional best known for her decades-long work in support of the waterpower sector.

New to this year’s program will be an opportunity for each participant to meet with at least one of their elected lawmakers and or staff.  Our plan is to provide, early and often, lines of communication between each Advocacy Program participant and Rebecca who will help arrange meetings.  In addition, Rebecca will work with NHA staff to provide key talking points, answer questions and provide guidance as you take the industry and your own waterpower stories to Capitol Hill.  Note – as we get closer to Waterpower Week, a “How To Lobby Congress” webinar will be organized for all interested participants and at the start of Waterpower Week, an expert panel will provide updates on current Congressional activities and tips on delivering effective messages.  We will set up meetings throughout Waterpower Week rather than organizing a one-day set of meetings.


All industry members representing hydropower, marine energy, pumped storage and more, are encouraged to participate. Whether you are an asset owner, project developer, equipment manufacturer, or service provider, as citizens and constituents who care about hydropower, you play a vital role in amplifying the importance of our industry and the need for policy change. Be part of our grassroots movement!


The Waterpower Week in Washington Advocacy Program is a great opportunity to understand how federal policies affect the industry and your individual organizations. And through participation in meetings with legislators and staff, you can help drive home to policymakers the unique benefits your companies provide to local communities across America.

NHA staff and consultants will:

  • Arrange House and Senate office meetings
  • Offer pre-conference advocacy training
  • Provide key messaging and talking points
  • Accompany participants on meetings as requested


With over 100 GW of hydropower and pumped storage on the grid, our industry is an essential part of a reliable, affordable, flexible and carbon-free electricity system. Yet federal programs, regulations, energy tax, and market policies often fail to recognize water power resources. Citizen advocates are in the best position to communicate the changes needed to more appropriately value new and existing hydropower and new technologies for the benefits they provide.


Washington, D.C.


Before, during, and after NHA’s Waterpower Week – May 18-22, 2020


Register for Waterpower Week and indicate your participation in the program.  Rebecca Blood will reach out to you for the next steps.

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