Show Me the Money: A Focus on Hydro Incentives (Sections 242, 243, and 247)

Congress has authorized more than $750 million in grants is available for improving existing and adding new hydropower. The grants are administered by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Grid Deployment Office.

Join this “deep dive” into how to apply for these grants, as broken down by:
— $553 million for enhancing grid resilience, dam safety, and environmental improvements (Section 247)
— $125 million for adding hydropower to existing non-powered dams (Section 242)
— $75 million for increasing efficiency at existing facilities (Section 243)

Presenter Information

Michael Purdie

Michael Purdie
Director of Regulatory Affairs and Markets
National Hydropower Association (NHA)

Timothy Welch

Timothy Welch
Hydropower Incentives Program Manager, Grid Deployment Office
U.S. Department of Energy

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