2022 Waterpower Week Presenter Lineup

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Session 1: Opening Plenary Session: Growth in Waterpower – What’s Happening to Meet Clean Energy Net-Zero Goals?

Michael HaynesSeattle City Light, Emcee
David PalumboBureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior, Keynote Speaker
Malcolm WoolfNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Speaker
Tom HellerMissouri River Energy Services, Moderator
Carl BorgquistAbsaroka Energy, LLC, Panelist
Stuart DaviesORPC, Inc., Panelist
Paul JacobRye Development, Panelist
Emily MorrisEmrgy, Inc., Panelist

Session 2A: Legislative ‘Hot Takes:’ Tax Credits for Investment and Production, Climate-Related Bills, and More!

Will PisanoNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Facilitator
Lydia DenisU.S. Senate, Panelist
Nikki RoyU.S. House of Representatives, Panelist

Session 2B: Finding Financing for Development: Innovative Financing Options for Small Hydro and Marine Energy

Jeanne HilsingerMavel Americas, Moderator
Musa Collidge-AsadInclusive Prosperity Capital (IPC), Panelist
Gabrielle PiasioBankProv, Panelist
John FerlandORPC, Inc., Panelist
Michael KerrNew England Hydropower Company LLC, Panelist

Session 2C: Tribal Consultation and Collaboration

Mary PavelSonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry, LLP, Facilitator
David HawkinsUpper Skagit Indian Tribe, Panelist
Michael BoltEastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Panelist
Nicole FabbroOntario Power Generation, Panelist
Laura JonesVan Ness Feldman LLP, Panelist

Session 3A: FERC Briefing on New Safety-Related Regulations

Thomas FitzgeraldNHA Hydraulic Power Committee Chair, Session Chair
David CapkaFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Speaker

Session 3B: Corporate Buyers of Green Energy — What Do They Need in Order to Consider Buying Electricity Powered by Water?

Miranda BallentineClean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA), Moderator
Brianne MillerMicrosoft, Panelist
Gwyneth BordenDiamond Foundry, Panelist
Kevin KampschroerU.S. General Services Administration, Panelist
Shannon AmesLow Impact Hydropower Institute (LIHI), Panelist

Session 3C: A Conversation with Federal Resource Agencies — What’s New? How about New Technology?

Miles HallNatel Energy, Inc., Facilitator
Frankie GreenFish and Wildlife Service (FWS), U.S. Department of the Interior, Panelist
Melanie HarrisNOAA Fisheries - Office of Habitat Conservation, U.S. Department of Commerce, Panelist
Ian LundgrenNOAA Fisheries, Panelist
Kellie WhittonForest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Panelist
Bjorn LakeNOAA Fisheries, Panelist
Bryan SojkowskiU.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Department of the Interior, Panelist

Session 4: Plenary Session: Part 1: Wholesale Electricity Markets; Part 2: Amplifying Waterpower’s Messages to Policy Makers

Jose ZayasEagle Creek Renewable Energy, Emcee
Cameron SchillingNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Facilitator
Todd SnitchlerElectric Power Supply Association (EPSA), Panelist
Michael GogginGrid Strategies LLC, Panelist
Devin HartmanR Street Institute, Panelist
Jeff LeaheyStrategic Marketing Innovations, Inc. (SMI), Facilitator
Chrissy BorskeyGE Renewable Energy, Panelist
Alex PiperU.S. House of Representatives, Panelist

Networking Reception

Congressman Dan NewhouseSpecial Invited Guest

Women in Waterpower Breakfast (ticket required)

Celeste FayGravity Renewables, Emcee
Congresswoman Kim SchrierSpecial Guest
Debbie GrayInternational Hydropower Association (IHA), Speaker
Wendy BleyKleinschmidt Associates, Speaker
Marycella DumlaoNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Speaker

Session 5: Plenary Session: Part 1: Featured Speaker: Richard Glick, Chair, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; Part 2: Licensing Reform through the Uncommon Dialogue: Changing the Federal Power Act

Pamala SullivanAmerican Municipal Power, Inc., Emcee
Richard GlickFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Keynote Speaker
Congresswoman Ann KusterU.S. House of Representatives, Special Invited Guest
Malcolm WoolfNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Facilitator
David HawkinsUpper Skagit Indian Tribe, Panelist
Richard Roos-CollinsWater and Power Law Group PC, Panelist
Charles SensibaTroutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP, Panelist

Session 6A: Hot Legal and Regulatory Topics – Clean Water Act, Financial Assurance, Environmental and Energy Justice, and More

Sharon WhiteRock Creek Energy Group, Moderator
Karin LarsonFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Speaker
Timothy FurdynaK&L Gates, Speaker
Elizabeth McCormickTroutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP, Speaker
Kurt MillerNorthwest RiverPartners, Speaker

Session 6B: Marine Energy: Path to Commercialization

Jonathan ColbyStreamwise Development, LLC., Facilitator
Oliver WraggOrbital Marine Power, Panelist
Elaine BuckU.S. Department of Energy, Panelist
Samantha QuinnPacific Ocean Energy Trust (POET), Panelist

Session 6C: Conversation with FERC’s Hydro Administration and Compliance Division Director

Dave ZayasIdaho Power Company, Facilitator
CarLisa LintonFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Panelist
Nicole SitaramanFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Panelist

Networking Lunch

Duff MitchellJuneau Hydro, Speaker

Session 7A: DOE’s Water Power Technologies Office: What’s on the Horizon?

Boualem (Bo) HadjeriouaMesa Associates, Inc., Session Chair
Jennifer GarsonU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker
Samuel BockenhauerU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker
Allison JohnsonU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker
Tim RamseyU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker
Timothy WelchU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker

Session 7B: Electricity Markets in the West: Evolving Changes and What They Mean for Hydropower

Scott MillerWestern Power Trading Forum (WPTF), Moderator
Anna McKennaCalifornia Independent System Operator Corporation – CAISO, Panelist
Andrea SpringFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Panelist
Kris RaperWestern Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC), Panelist
Josh WalterSeattle City Light, Panelist

Session 7C: Relicensing: Good Practices for Working with Agencies and Stakeholders

Tim SullivanGomez and Sullivan Engineers, D.P.C., Facilitator
Cheryl LaatschWisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Panelist
Dave SteindorfAmerican Whitewater, Panelist
Justin TrudellFirstLight Power, Panelist
Jenna BorovanskyHDR, Panelist

Session 8A: New Infrastructure Funding – Breaking Down the Details

Scott HennesseyBrookfield Renewable Energy Group (US), Moderator
Adam BerryU.S. Senate, Speaker
Melissa KlembaraU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker
Jennifer GarsonU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker
Timothy WelchU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker

Session 8B: Words That Work – Communicating the Value and Role of Pumped Storage

Todd BriggemanBlack & Veatch, Moderator
Becky BrunWeinstein PR, Panelist
Alex FitzsimmonsClearPath, Panelist
Matthew ShapirorPlus Hydro, LLLP, Panelist
Katie JacksonU.S. Department of Energy, Panelist

Session 8C: Decommissioning Decisions

Lesley BrotkowskiKleinschmidt Associates, Moderator
Julia WoodRock Creek Energy Group, Panelist
Dustin TillPacifiCorp, Panelist
Chris TownsendSeattle City Light, Panelist
Wayne DyokAmerican Dams, Panelist

Special Keynote Address: The Honorable Malcolm Turnbull, Former Prime Minister of Australia The Ignored Crisis within the Crisis: Why Pumped Storage Hydro Is Critical to Meeting Net-Zero Carbon Goals

Mike ManwaringStantec, Emcee
Malcolm TurnbullKeynote Speaker

Session 9: Plenary Session: Opportunities and Challenges for Waterpower Globally: What Can We Learn from Successes around the World?

Alejandro MorenoU.S. Department of Energy, Moderator
Nicole FabbroOntario Power Generation, Speaker
Demetrios PapathanasiouThe World Bank, Speaker
Debbie GrayInternational Hydropower Association (IHA), Speaker
Richard AinsworthEuropean Marine Energy Centre, Speaker
Eddie RichInternational Hydropower Association (IHA), Speaker

Workshop 10A: Project Financing from the U.S. Department of Energy – Working with the Loan Program Office

Brian MaharU.S. Department of Energy, Workshop Leader
Robert EdwardsU.S. Department of Energy, Faculty
Erik SteimleRye Development, Speaker
David SinclairAdvanced Hydro Solutions, Speaker

Workshop 10B: Communication and Engagement Techniques with Media and with Project Stakeholders

LeRoy ColemanNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Workshop Leader
Maxine JoselowWashington Post, Speaker
Len GreeneFirstLight Power, Speaker
David MarcheskieConstellation, Speaker
Kate StirrNatel Energy, Inc., Speaker
Kelly RogersNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Speaker
MAJ Grace GeigerU.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Speaker
Allison JohnsonU.S. Department of Energy, Speaker
Shannon BatesPacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Speaker

Workshop 11A: Uncommon Dialogue Working Group Discussions

Malcolm WoolfNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Workshop Leader
Dan ReicherStanford University, Panelist
Tom KiernanAmerican Rivers, Panelist
Mary PavelSonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry, LLP, Panelist
Jose ZayasEagle Creek Renewable Energy, Speaker
Thomas FitzgeraldNHA Hydraulic Power Committee Chair, Speaker
John SulowayGomez and Sullivan Engineers, D.P.C., Speaker
Alan MichaelsNew York Power Authority, Speaker
Dave SteindorfAmerican Whitewater, Speaker
Kelsey RuganiKearns & West, Speaker
Charles SensibaTroutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders LLP, Speaker
Will PisanoNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Speaker

Workshop 11B: Wholesale Electricity Markets: Brush Up on the Basics

Cameron SchillingNational Hydropower Association (NHA), Workshop Leader
Kurt BilasMidcontinent Independent Systems Operator (MISO), Faculty
Amr IbrahimFederal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Faculty
Christopher FryNew York Power Authority (NYPA), Faculty
Aleksandar MitreskiBrookfield Renewable Energy Group (US), Faculty
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